Jack has been playing piano and composing since age ten. With extensive experience as a classical performer, composer and arranger, he writes and performs music for the stage, as well as for film and visual media. He most recently won the 2023 Apuglia Soundtrack Awards ‘Best Emerging Composer’ category and was a 2023 finalist for an APRA AMCOS Professional Development award. Jack has piano music published within Australia, composed the music for Slovak director Dominik György’s expansive teaser trailer; ‘The House in the Middle’, and has composed music for several other award winning György films; ‘The Touching’ in 2019 & ‘The Next One’ in 2020. He has written music for award winning directors Dan Fox; ‘God In The Sky’ & Adam Ciancio; ‘Laughter Club’ in 2021 and 2022, respectively. He is currently living and working in London, and is locked in as the composer for a theatre co-production between Brisbane Festival & Melbourne Theatre Company for the 2024 season. His style is unique, influenced greatly by post-minimalism and ambience, as well as elements of modernism and jazz.

What is consistent across his work is strength of conceptualisation; it can stand alongside film, in the concert hall, or be played for a tiny room of friends and always be understood for what it is, on it’s own terms. His creative rationale is that music can achieve a timeless quality, and should always seek to do so. With the goal of writing and playing to provoke true ‘listening’, he hopes to have a meaningful and lasting impact on what people can feel through sound.

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